Window controls disappear

I noticed with Ubuntu 22.10 at random window controls disappear for Chromium, Firefox, and Thunderbird (all snaps) when using CSD. This happens when I swap between light and dark theme or when I wake up my computer for sleep.
Screenshot from 2023-02-15 06-35-25 Screenshot from 2023-02-15 06-35-55 Screenshot from 2023-02-15 06-36-09

could you report this to ? :slight_smile:


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If Nvidia is your primary GPU then please see

Hello, no actually I am on Intel.

Did you check if a correspondent .deb from a PPA exhibits the bad behaviour as well?

A bit difficult to do that with Firefox and Chromium as they are snap only. I could installed Thunderbird as deb and test it out, and get the tarball for Firefox and see if that happens. I will need to test it out. But all other apps (that are deb) in my testing works fine.