Will Unity be in the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS repositories?

Simple question, simple answer? :wink:


If it’s still working well and doesn’t give a sucky user experience, then yes it will be in Universe. If it totally breaks and no one is able to fix it, then it will likely get removed.

Ventricle on the Ubuntu Forums is keeping a close eye on the quality of it, so head over there if you’d like to offer help.


For others reading this, I think this is the thread Will is referring to.
Ventricle has also raised the idea of having an Ubuntu Unity ISO for 18.04, see here.


Hi Will and all,

Yes … I am still keeping an eye on it with some very capable testers at ubuntuforums. There is one small fly in the ointment. Unity7 is not an official flavor so the admins are slightly blocking the use of the Ubuntu Development Version testing because of 1. It is no longer official flavor and 2. Some various off topic remarks in the last current thread which has been closed. I am currently the admin of the U+1 subteam but I am not an admin or moderator and do not have any authority in decision concerning moderating the forums. I have requested from admin if we I can reopen new thread (testing unity7 on 18.04). If I get yes or no I will report back the status.


As you know Mark has answered in the affirmative that we should keep testing unity7 alongside gnome3 during 18.04 cycle for if I can’t use UDV I find some other way.


btw … unity+gnome3 in 17.10 … just awesome.



Yes … we have done some work on that. There are two ISOs. They are made with only unity7 desktop on them (unity-session) and they have worked just fine and continue to update just fine. I will be using installs from those isos to upgrade to 18.04 and see how it goes from there. Thanks for linking in all these threads. You people here are very diligent :slight_smile: All the more reason that unity7 will succeed;)

ubuntuforums has been my homebase for a long time. We have some awesome testers there with volumes of experience so I hope they let us start a thread for 18.04


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The new unity7 18.04 testing thread will take place here: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2374842

Thanks !


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Just a comment. When I began using Unity I really hated it. But now that I have got accustomed to it, going back to Gnome, and especially in its wierd form as it is, I would like to stay with Unity. Thank you.

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Same here. Gnome has very serious performance problems that make working with it on a daily basis a headache for me. I don’t even think they can be fixed any time soon as they seem to be structural. Unity 7 is rock solid, looks good and let’s be honest here, the out of the box experience is miles ahead of Gnome as it is today. I really would like to switch to Gnome, but every time I’ve tried, the stutters, the shell crashes, all the input bugs in wayland. I just can’t deal with it. I’m a software developer, I need my computer to flow like butter.

The Unity packages in universe work fine for anyone wondering.

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