Will Ubuntu 24.04 cloud-image release KVM version

Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04 have released KVM versions (QCow2 UEFI/GPT Bootable disk image with linux-kvm KVM optimised kernel) of cloud-image, but not 24.04.

Will this be available in the future?

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Starting in Mantic, 23.10, linux-kvm variants were dropped

  1. the linux-kvm kernel variant was dropped, merging with linux-virtual. linux-kvm is now a transitional package: Ubuntu ā€“ Details of package linux-kvm in mantic
  2. the cloud-images then dropped the linux-kvm builds entirely, as the only difference was the kernel. Minimal images also moved to installing linux-virtual. release note: Mantic Minotaur Release Notes (sorry, no anchor, but searching 'kvm" will find it)
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hi i am using cloud init cli but , i want to use it my code base with kvm i was wondering if there is any api for that.

I am not sure what you meant exactly but Iā€™d recommend to check cloud-init documentation, everything that you can do with it is in there. For instance, you can search for kvm: