Will there be support for 4K monitors on Ubuntu, in the future?

4K UHD and in numbers it’s written as 4096×2304.
Full 4K resolution in numbers it’s written as 3840×2160.
This would be a valuable aspect for Gaming on Ubuntu.
Is it possible to make a snap package for the support.
Provided the required graphics card is being used for the resolution.


Hi @bernard010 and good day to you. For your question, certainly 4K UHD 4096×2304 and 4K 3840×2160 are supported.

All of the major desktop environments/window managers such as GNOME, KDE, Cinnamon, Qtile, I3 and so on support 4K and it is more the desktop environment/window manager that you choose, rather than the distribution itself. I hope that has helped to answer your question.

Hi, there is support, problem I’m currently working through is lag with my current setup. I did find some scripts to run manually, when I get a chance hopefully it works!

My Issue, when I enable 4K on external, there is lag/it just doesnt work.

@bernard010, @srbridge.com, this site is not meant for support. Please report the problems you experience as bugs on Launchpad, by running this command:

ubuntu-bug gnome-shell

Not trying to make a support question.
Actually trying to determine if Ubuntu and flavors work with 4K video for gaming.
The questions for support can move to : https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+addquestion

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@ian-weisser could you close this topic for me?
It seems to be drawing support questions and answers.

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