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I know we are very early in the development cycle, but I wanted to know if we have any wiki pages for this project. It would be a good idea to have documentation on what, who, and how we are doing this; obviously these pages would be on the Ubuntu Community Wiki.

I just created this if you would like to start a chronicle.

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You can also create pages right here on the community hub, under this category and mark them as wiki pages. That might be preferable, to keep it all in one place.

The fact that you’ve been having these conversations here on the hub has resulted in a number of media outlets picking up the news, and thus new community people getting involved. It would be great to keep that momentum going, keeping the content in one place.


Creating wiki pages here is something that I didn’t know. Then let’s do that instead.

What pages should we have then (here)?

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From the TB meeting, We really need an wiki page first. My idea was to link it to project-group page. But our request is still pending.

Our content will be:

  1. Brief introduction about the Ubuntu-Unity project.

  2. Current active members and contributors.

  3. List of all unity components and their current maintainers.

I like to create sub pages, but I don’t know if I can do it here.


Why not, for the sake of simplicity, just create a conventional moin moin wiki that we can all edit and go from there.?


@dale-f-beaudoin I would suggest MediaWiki as MoinMoin has more issues with spammers and DOSes. Look at the Ubuntu Community wiki, it’s MoinMoin and we already had a hard attack last year. It’s effects are still being felt.

But shouldn’t this wiki page that @khurshid-alam is taking about be on the Ubuntu Community Wiki as that’s where people (kind of) look at?

Put the wiki wherever your community is right now.
If your community is here, then How to create a Wiki Post in Discourse
Build the wiki you need to collaborate for 18.04. That’s the immediate project goal.

You can always migrate content later as your tools and workflow change.
The community hub has plenty of Admins and Moderators willing to help you migrate, and to close out old stubs and erase mistakes.

The project leader has already said what he wants volunteers to start working upon:

Time to hit those aim points. Then discuss more.

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Well finally someone posted a how to because it had me baffled.

Like if we could find the wrench icon?

"No. Users are now granted the wrench. The only tool in there is “Make Wiki”.

Make the new Topics, then PM me.
I have the wrench.

(Sorry, I thought everyone had the wrench)

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