WiFi Connectivity

Hello! First off to say is good luck to this new site and the second, to wonder if I am actually in the right place for this question. If not then as appropriate with my query.
I have a HP Stream 13 Laptop with a 32Gb C:\ & D:\ emm2 HDD’s. This a cram for Windows 10 and I wondered if Ubuntu would need less space and be more reliable as I have it in dual boot on my desktop.
Not enough space to dual boot the lap-top and rather than wipr WIN10 to install UBUNTU have made a boot drive from an ISO download.
I have both V14.4LTS & 16.04LTS on separate mem-sticks. Both will boot up BUT neither seems able to gain access to the internet. The various local beacons are detected & listed but my Router password is always rejected.
Not being able to get on-line means very limited use but all the other facilities seem to be working OK.
Please note that among the other detected WiFi beacons is one open (no password required) and this does appear to connect although I can’t do anything sensible with it. It might be a phone!
Can anyone help me to solve this problem? I would be very much indebted if you can.

As much as i could understand your issue, you have things correct at your end, ask your service provider to check from his side for the internet connection related problems, and by the way are your sure that you have succesfully logged in into your router admin login?

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