Why Ubuntu 22.04 is so slow

faster? you are kidding right? it is now slower than windoze. worst of all is the snap crap. firefox snap is memory hogging, slow same is chromium. both cannot access external apps like the gnome extensions ( i know there is the extension manager. i use it.) snap is just a performance killer.


How do you measure that?

Which kind of performance? And how do you measure that? With what do you compare it?


dual boot system. boot time of 21.10 and 22.04.1 resp windoze.

firefox used to be fast, no uses more memory, starts slower, loads pages slower compared to the deb version used in 21.10. crashes often. never crashed before. chromium takes longer to start too.
did you ever used a stop watch?
never give devs the fastest, newest machine is a software engineering paradigm…
and btw. gnome shell dark yaru on my laptop does not go beyond 22.03. this yaru problem is not solved until now.
snap obviously gobbles memory due to its design. same as flatpac.

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Can you please share exact measurements when making such claims ?

The Firefox snap starts for me in ~5sec after fresh boot, the deb in about 4… both using the same session with about 300 tabs open… both use a bit below 800MB of reserved memory with roughly zero difference here… on second startup of the browser the snap is opening in under 2sec while the deb here takes 3sec … I.e. the snap is actually faster in that scenario

Doing the same test on an old 7y old desktop PC with rotary HDD the cold start time increases by about 3sec but equally for both installation versions… memory consumption is again identical for both …


My Ubuntu 22.04 in virtual box Firefox cold starts in 7 seconds.
After the initial cold start starts in 4 seconds.
Firefox snap is definitely not slow.


did you add the webcontent and protected webcontent? i guess not. as my firefox uses 1 GB adding all these processes and memories which are used by firefox. and i have only 10 tabs open.
afaik there is no deb version of firefox equal to the snap version, thus scientifically you compare 2 different apples with each other.
2nd start has to do, that firefox keeps some stuff in memory, thus starts faster.
and as i said before. never give devs the newest and latest hardware. besides the relative new laptop i use ubuntu mainly on older pcs and here the difference is felt.
alas i have no longer a backup of 21.10 to restore and do testing, nor have i time and interest to do this.
on 22.04 the firefox needs 1’56" until it has finished loading all 8 tabs. and i have 1 Gb internet connection.
ond 21.10 it needed roughly the half of that time. alas no way to measure it as i mentioned i no longer have 21.10 and anyway the version would be different. and no it is not only the HD as other deb seems to load about same speed. e.g. thunderbird. though seems, as i have no way to measure on 21.10 to compare.

how exactly do you measure the RAM usage ? note that only reserved memory is actual physical ram the app occupies…

i am comparing the deb version from the mozilla testing PPA that is built against the same libs as the snap and is at the same application version. despite the PPA not being supported at all, the binaries should be identical, so this should give empirical data to compare packaging influences.

i’m not sure what you call “newest and latest hardware” but i would not see a 7y old PC in that category and i am a ubuntu developer and use this system for work …

since others that commented above seem to also not see your issues either, have you considered that there is something systemically wrong with the snap support of your system, do other snapped applications expose similar behavior for you ?


as i said chromium has a similar behavior. but other apps i use seldom, so hard to say if vlc or thorium is slower. cups seems slower, but there are many factors involved in printing.
nevertheless i avoid snap stuff like hell. afaik snap is sort of a protected environment (which is a good idea), but as VMs it uses more resources. the good thing is also snap takes care of the dependencies.
but imho linux/ubuntu should have closer look to apples toolboxes instead of zillion libs needed and the dependencies are gone, too.
i did not measure on my laptop yet, which is an acer about 5 years old.
i am an it architect and i see hardware older than 10 years used. even 16.10 was used by dev-ops just 3 years ago. companies do no longer invest millions in new hardware. hence many apps need to run on older hardware.

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I sentimentalize for the old hardware, snaps do fact protect concatenated packaging.

As well the point is Firefox snap is fast.
I can devote to virtualbox 16 GB of Ram and 10 cores of processor to virtual box.
Then Firefox loads at 1/2 second for one web page.
40 seconds for 10 webpages.
Which is irrelevant this has to do with Ram versus CPU .
My new workstation is 128 GB ram 128 cores possessor x2 .
This is Ubuntu in virtual box, @ogra is correct, 1 web page is thus, as fast as it gets. Definitely not slow… !
After the Hardware it has to do with the snap…!


LMAO this is hardware, nothing to do with snap.


10 tabs open has to do with hardware not the speed of one tab being the snap.

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When I had 22.04.0 installed on an AMD machine with SSD, the Snap firefox package did start slower than the OEM repository – but not much different than Flatpak on another machine – but it didn’t matter since I installed the Brave OEM repository anyway. So too, Snapcraft has become significantly more responsive with the updates.

My advice is to update apt

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Next, update the Snapstore – you’ll have to quit the Software Store rather than just closing it, then use

sudo snap refresh.

yeah, true also the firefox updates seem to have improved the loading time. imho flatpak is no alternative to snap. same issues with firefox accessing external addons.

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Hi, your hardware config plays a role in how fast a system is…
What are you running Ubuntu on?
If VM, then yes, lag, your system is virtual and hardware pushing windows or main OS first.
Webpage load times slow? That could be outside Ubuntu… Whats your Inet carrier speed?
What’s your router and wifi speeds at home?

TO me, my rig, Ubuntu flies…
ssd, Core i7-10750H @2.60GHz and I have it on auto overclock…
My internal at home wifi is is Tri-band internal 10Gbps…
I don’t pay for the fastest internet connection, but I do pay for a decent fast connection…