Why Software updater/update-manager doesn't install all available updates?

I am giving feedback for Ubuntu. Sometimes there are crashes on stuff like gnome-shell or update-notifier. Then a popup shows from apport to submit the error to the tracking system/launchpad. But this cannot be done because presumably “i have packages which are not updated”. Checking for updates via GUI doesn’t show updates, but running apt list --upgradable lists “apport” and some other software like “cheese”, “file-roller” - these updates cannot be installed/do not show in update-manager/Software updates. It’s this way - you cannot submit bug reports because of not updated packages, but updates are missing. Not all Ubuntu users can run/ know how to run the updates via terminal. Seems like you’re missing some error reports that way.

If you’re referring to Ubuntu 20.04, then those updates were released yesterday and no doubt are being rolled out as phased updates so will become available to all users eventually however they check for updates provided that no problems are found.

Re bug reporting on a system that has outstanding updates - you probably have a point there.

Yes, it’s 20.04. I now understand why the updates are only visible from apt/terminal. I think you should think about whether not receiving error reports from people who haven’t installed the staged update the correct behaviour.

May be an Ubuntu developer will comment. I’m just a user like yourself.