Why not change the repos to devel?

Once an LTS or interim distro is released, after few weeks, Ubuntu moves to another repo, whose name is not yet known. But, the repo “devel” stays on. Considering some of us always moves onto the “next development” release, why not change the name of the repo to devel? That way, we’d be having a rolling installation, of course, with all the problems it might bring in. After all, that’d what we are doing here – using the development distro.

The thing is, even the LTS distro can be pointed to the devel repos, which is simply there and within reach.

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If you prefer that development model then you should probably be on Debian Unstable. Debian Unstable is effectively the rolling Ubuntu as Ubuntu development releases (effectively Ubuntu’s equivalent of Debian Testing) are effectively cut from Debian Unstable. By making bug reports to Unstable you would be helping Ubuntu and you would not need to manually run do-release-upgrade -d every six months! :slight_smile:

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Off topic, really.
This is not clean Debian.

Tried that on Ubuntu 18.04.2. It pointed to disco, and the upgrade worked. Usually, we are supposed to first move to the nearest repo, and then to the next, and so on.

Well, for the few of us, who move their installs to the next development repos, this is not a problem, that is, there’s no need to name the repo as devel, but wait for the next repo name and update. Ubuntu becomes a rolling distro, with a slight wait.