Why is basic funcionality left out in the snap-store?

Someone recently complained that the snap-store is missing the functionality to install deb files?

Why is this left out? Do not say Install the previous version, because that one is also buggy.

Did you not pick the filter at the top left of the window to select the package type ? You can even manage only debian packages with it…

Just because someone screams loud about a missing feature in an early pre-release version of an app does definitely not mean the feature has been abandoned…

Quoting Douglas Adams: Dont Panic! :wink:


They’re working on it. It just requires patience.

Why is this left out?

I’m sure it wasn’t left out intentionally. We try to give people the benefit of the doubt around here, and we certainly assume good faith. That said, a decent workaround is to install gdebi for the time being.