Why do we need passwords to install even trusted software?

I came across this FB comment from an Ubuntu user. I know it’s common practice across all GNU/Linux operating systems but why does GNU/Linux require passwords for installing trusted software? Because there’s a small chance you could be installing ‘malware’? But typically once logged into someone’s computer or phone you have access to their social media and potentially their bank details, so why does installing software, of all things, need to be locked down when (according to this user at least), it’s not on many other operating systems?

Don’t think about asking for a “password” and think about asking for “permission”, because that’s what’s happening. It’s asking for permission to make system-wide changes to the computer. Your Ubuntu system is multi-user and so you may not want everyone to be able to make those changes. If you do, you can certainly configure the system to no longer ask you for permission, but the default asks.

I don’t want my 11 year old Son to have access to install random software on the computer, that’s my job :slight_smile: