Who manages Ubuntu's Twitter acc?

Exactly as the title say, who manages Ubuntu Twitter acc?
(You don’t need to tell me, let it be a mystery if you want xD )

In the past few months (may be more (a few months after G+ closed maybe?)) Ubuntu’s twitter has gone from a serious, very corporate and official social media presence machine of utter boredom to a very cool, helpful, friendly, active and engaged twitter account with many funny comments and well picked memes.

Every now and then we also get a clue to some “easer egg” keyboard shortcut with a GIF or something similar which is also very cool :slight_smile:

I don’t know who the guy/gal behind it is but someone please pass my praises to them! Their work to change things up didn’t go unnoticed!


Thanks :slight_smile:

The work is spread around a number of people. I’ll pass on your appreciation :slight_smile:


Very nice, thank you :smiley: !

Canonical runs it, and so do main members like @popeydc and @frankmcb.

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Dude, I feel the same way. I remember posting a tweet reply few months back saying something along the lines of “since when did Ubuntu post fun tweets?”


yeah, iz cool. tesla does the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Listen, I don’t know what goes behind Canonical’s backs, but I think we are just trying to get more community involved because we really express it, but not much on Twitter. Other distros like EndeavourOS are, too.

Canonical board leaders own it, and they are probably just trying to pull the community together, and give all the Ubuntu community members a part of the Ubuntu that they want, like some will stay Lubuntu, some maybe when it comes out Ubuntu Cinnamon.

And discourse isn’t known much, so its great for support. There is also @ubuntubot which is where support can be given by other people.

Anyways, in conclusion, just to get this (i think) useless article off-Canonical runs it, and so does its main leaders that are most likely trying to get the community involved.

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I love Ubuntu! As a new user it is really simple to get set up and using the terminal! I am really excited to be part of the community and learn all that I can about Ubuntu, and the capabilities it enables me! Great work team.