Who is responsible for updating the Ubuntu .deb packages like Pinta?


The Pinta .deb package in Ubuntu Software is on version 1.6 which was released on Mar 2, 2015.

The current version 2.0.2 was released earlier this year on Jan 14.

I wish to enquire who I should contact for updating the obsolete .deb package.

I don’t wish to use the snap version.

Cc: @sabdfl

Thank you.

URL: https://github.com/PintaProject/Pinta/releases

How to determine:

  1. Let’s look at the output of plain old apt show pinta:

    Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>
    Original-Maintainer: Debian CLI Applications Team <pkg-cli-apps-team@lists.alioth.debian.org>

    This tells us that the package gets merged from Debian. Most packages are, but it’s good to confirm that.

  2. Let’s take a look at the Debian Package Tracker for Pinta: https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/pinta

    Lots of great information there! Debian is using the same version. No new version is in the pipeline, and here’s why:

  3. A Pinta snap is available with a much newer version, but I’m going to ignore it because you specified the deb package.

The takeaway here is that it’s not an Ubuntu failure of responsibility. It’s a lack of Debian volunteers. A lot of volunteer help is needed at Debian to fix the blockers and the bugs and thence to get an upgrade into the pipeline.

My advice to everybody led here by a search engine: Pitch in! Contact that Debian maintainer team (Debian CLI Applications Team) and see where your skills can best help. Commit a few evenings to learning how to fix one of the problems. Just a couple hands can get the pipe unclogged and running clear.


Dear @ian-weisser

I would like to thank you for your kind, accurate and thoughtful response.

I will do as advised by you.

Please accept my best regards.