Where has Ubuntu Unity gone?

The Ubuntu Unity 24.04 daily ISO has not changed since 2024-02-27 13:30
There is no information or mention of it recently. Does anyone know what is happening with it?

Ubuntu Unity has gone nowhere. Due to the time_t64 transition a number of items and build dependencies for some Ubuntu flavor images have been hung-up in the archive causing build failures.

I’m fairly certain this is due to nemo, the file manager, being hung-up in the proposed repository, unable to migrate, due to its dependencies also unable to migrate due to the transition. This also affect Ubuntu Budgie and Ubuntu Cinnamon.


see here to find out if you will have an ISO to try

Those are all “Failed to build” and for good reason as I just outlined above. It doesn’t answer the question.

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Looking daily at the page in my link you know that ubuntu unity is still alive, somebody is working on it and when a ‘good’ Iso is available.

The daily build is run automatically by a cron job, so no, there’s nobody hitting a button there, meaning it’s a poor indicator. Ubuntu Studio had the same thing for about six months before I finally got ahold of it 6 years ago. That’s just the Canonical infrastructure at work.

That said, I can unequivocally say that Ubuntu Unity is in no danger because I’m in constant contact with @rs2009 and the other flavor leads as a flavor lead myself.

In order to know if a flavor is still alive, you ask the people who know, which is what the OP did, and what I answered. Seeing if a daily build is automatically building is not an indicator of that at all.