Where does Lightsail fit in?

Sorry if this is off topic, but I was wondering how Ubuntu on Amazon Lightsail fits into the Ubuntu on AWS story? For example, it took almost a year for Jammy to become available on Lightsail, which was very disappointing. Will users have to wait until 2025 to deploy Noble?

And seeing how they’re raising prices, it would be nice if Lightsail finally supported cloud-init user-data. Maybe someone from Canonical can drop a hint. :grinning:

Hi! nothing is off-topic if is AWS related.
Lightsail is an AWS managed service where all the deployments are indeed handled by AWS.
Your feedback is key not only for us but also for AWS.

If I understand correctly, there are some dependencies that need to be met before they can deliver a new version on Lightsail. A good way to get their feedback is contacting them through re:post.