Where Do We Report Snap Issues|Probable Bugs?

I entered my comments into the ‘Ubuntu Software’ app, but unsure if the developer will see it there, promptly. Should we use ‘Ubuntu-Bug’?

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The Snapcraft Forum is one good place to start.


OK Thank-you! I think I’m registered over there … So many places to deal with. Ever thought of simplifying the process to one unified spot?
Site seems to be down … as of 9:41 pm EDT it’s returning a blank page.

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No. Generally,

snap info <snap_name>

gives the publisher and a contact email or URL which can be used to report issues.


OK Well, not working so good for moi. The issue is with ‘Déjà Dup Backup Tool’ which is a front end to ‘Duplicity’. So using your syntax searching for ‘Déjà Dup Backup Tool’ returns zero, using the terminal - However it does return an entry when searching for ‘duplicity’. However, when searching for duplicity in the GUI Ubuntu Software app it returns with ‘Déjà Dup Backup Tool’ when searching for duplicity. Still with me? So, I have no clue where to file the bug with this developer.

Now, my understanding of SNAPs is that they contain the dependencies needed for the stack to run, right? So, why wouldn’t the relevant duplicity version not be included in the ‘Déjà Dup Backup Tool’?
The reason I ask, is that when I run the installed ‘Déjà Dup Backup Tool’ Snap - I get the attached screengrab.Screenshot-20190715203607-636x446

Now, the reason I’m even using the snap, is that the Backup Tool in Ubuntu 19.04 isn’t working properly for me (bug filed).

So, in conclusion, should I install the ‘Duplicity Snap’ to work with the ‘Déjà Dup Backup Tool Snap’? If so, which version?? Stable?

The snap name is just deja-dup:

paul@N1642:~$ snap info deja-dup
name:      deja-dup
summary:   An easy to use personal backup system for your GNOME desktop.
publisher: Michael Terry (mterry)
contact:   deja-dup-list@gnome.org
license:   GPL-3.0+

Thanks, Paul — I got in touch with the author of the software.

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if a snap author did set up a bug contact during the snap creation, it typically shows on the snap website (https://snapcraft.io/<snap-name>) as "contact <the author>" right above the separator to the world map: