When the Microstack with OpenStack 2023.2 (BobCat) will be available for installing in production?

The current multi-node installation documentation recommends installing the v2023.1; Is there a timeline for future releases? When will the versions 2023.2 and 2024.1 be released?

2023.2 (Bobcat) was released to the stable channels just before the end of year holiday break; we’re working on backporting all of the features in that release to 2023.1 so that the older release has feature equivalence.

2024.1 will be released in April alongside the main Ubuntu 24.04 LTS and OpenStack 2024.1 releases.

           DEBUG    Applying plan sunbeam-machine-plan with tfvars {'machine_ids': [], 'machine_model': 'controller', 'charm_channel': '2023.2/stable', 'charm_config': {'http_proxy': 'http://prx.lxc.domain.local:3129',  manifest.py:414
                    'https_proxy': 'http://prx.lxc.domain.local:3129', 'no_proxy':
           DEBUG    Running command /snap/openstack/479/bin/terraform apply -auto-approve -no-color                                                                                                                         terraform.py:188
⠼ Deploying Sunbeam Machine ... [15:18:29] ERROR    terraform apply failed:                                                                                                                                                                                                                        terraform.py:201
                    Terraform used the selected providers to generate the following execution
                    plan. Resource actions are indicated with the following symbols:
                      + create

                    Terraform will perform the following actions:

                      # juju_application.sunbeam-machine will be created
                      + resource "juju_application" "sunbeam-machine" {
                          + config      = {
                              + "http_proxy"  = "http://prx.lxc.domain.local:3129"
                              + "https_proxy" = "http://prx.lxc.domain.local:3129"
                              + "no_proxy"    = ",,localhost,,,,.domain.local,.svc,,,"
                          + constraints = (known after apply)
                          + id          = (known after apply)
                          + model       = "controller"
                          + name        = "sunbeam-machine"
                          + placement   = (known after apply)
                          + principal   = (known after apply)
                          + trust       = false
                          + units       = 0

                          + charm {
                              + base     = "ubuntu@22.04"
                              + channel  = "2023.2/stable"
                              + name     = "sunbeam-machine"
                              + revision = (known after apply)
                              + series   = (known after apply)

                    Plan: 1 to add, 0 to change, 0 to destroy.
                    juju_application.sunbeam-machine: Creating...

           WARNING                                                                                                                                                                                                          terraform.py:202
                    Error: Client Error

                      with juju_application.sunbeam-machine,
                      on main.tf line 29, in resource "juju_application" "sunbeam-machine":
                      29: resource "juju_application" "sunbeam-machine" {

                    Unable to create application, got error: selecting releases: charm or bundle
                    not found for channel "2023.2/stable", base "amd64/ubuntu/22.04"
                    available releases are:
                      channel "latest/edge": available bases are: ubuntu@22.04
                      channel "2024.1/edge": available bases are: ubuntu@22.04
                      channel "2023.2/candidate": available bases are: ubuntu@22.04
                      channel "2023.2/beta": available bases are: ubuntu@22.04
                      channel "2023.2/edge": available bases are: ubuntu@22.04

           DEBUG    Finished running step 'Deploy sunbeam-machine'. Result: ResultType.FAILED                                                                                                                                  common.py:279
Error: Command '['/snap/openstack/479/bin/terraform', 'apply', '-auto-approve', '-no-color']' returned non-zero exit status 1.

what about this issue?

The 2023.2/edge track has a change in it that means stable artefacts are picked by default - this is part of an ongoing transition to ensure that the binary we release is the one that’s been through testing.

The 2023.2 tracks have not had a stable release as yet - hence without supplying a manifest to point to candidate or edge tracks, the deployment will fail.

For 2023.2/edge you can use the manifest supplied by the snap:

sunbeam cluster bootstrap --manifest /snap/openstack/current/etc/manifests/edge.yml 

For 2024.1/edge we’ve made an improvement to set the risk level automatically as part of the prepare-node-script functionality so that the manifest is used if no other manifest is supplied.

Thanks @jamespage, so at the moment there is no stable release allowing to use proxy?

Dear James, The documentation, here, still points to 2023.1