What's your favorite official flavor?

Actually, Ubuntu GNOME 16.04.4 LTS is supported until April 2019.

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I’m only posting this as I’ve come across a few users on the forums that don’t know that this option is available. to them. May be it should be publicised more?

It was during 17.10. Things like that don’t simply disappear, and it astounds me how little attention OMG! Ubuntu gets as a resource.

Yes, I know that. Which is why I said…

…something that you failed to quote. :slight_smile:

Anyway, let’s not get too serious about this in what was just an attempt to raise something that isn’t known by everyone on another officially supported site, i.e. the Ubuntu Forums.

Other sites too, including the Ubuntu Wiki and Official Ubuntu Documentation pages.

Yep, in all honestly, I missed that bit in your comment. Rather, my eyes were drawn to your edit. Sorry about that.

Still, I think it’s worth emphasizing that Ubuntu GNOME, although deprecated, will remain supported until April 2019. The term “inactive” (as used in the poll and by you) may lead some to believe otherwise.

Agreed. That’s what I’m attempting to do.

I’m not confused by what the flavors are. But I’m confused by your use of the term “inactive” to describe flavors that will be supported until April 2019. The term “deprecated” (as used in the wiki) would be better.

Yeah, Ubuntu GNOME is deprecated. No further development is being made towards that particular flavor, thus I’m calling in inactive. If ya’ll want to split hairs, knock yourself out, but either way you cut it, it’s not a thing. Here’s some evidence:

  • The team announced they’d be joining the Ubuntu Desktop team.
  • The development team on Launchpad is gone.
  • The #ubuntu-gnome IRC channel is unregistered.
  • Twitter and Facebook and Google Plus and Slack are inactive, which leaves the mailing list as the only real support option out of all the listed options.

tl;dr there are no people really working on the “Ubuntu GNOME” flavor and it’s questionable how well “supported” it is for Xenial.

And while you’re being pedantic, don’t forget Mythbuntu and Edubuntu are in the same boat. The former provides 3 year support and their last release was Xenial, while the latter provides 5 year support and their last release was Trusty.

Are you asserting that the statement regarding Ubuntu GNOME 16.04.4 LTS being “supported until April 2019” (found on wiki and on the download page) is misleading?

If the statement is misleading, then the webpages should be updated.

Based on the evidence above, what do you think?

Feel free. The wiki is open for any member of ~ubuntu-wiki-editors to edit.

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In response to the above comment, I asked whether statements claiming that Ubuntu GNOME 16.04.4 LTS is “supported until April 2019” (found on wiki and on the download page) are misleading. Rather than answer, @wxl asked me what I think.

Unfortunately, I’m not qualified to determine whether the statements are accurate or misleading. That’s why I asked.

@jbicha, honest question, in your opinion, are statements claiming that Ubuntu GNOME 16.04.4 LTS is “supported until April 2019” accurate or misleading?

@GizmoChicken , with all the respect, Please stop hijacking this post with irrelevant petty arguments.

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Whether GNOME 16.04.4 LTS is, or is not, “supported until April 2019” … is relevant to the poll question.



Unfortunately, Ubuntu GNOME didn’t win. Surprisingly Lubuntu did. Honestly, I believe that we probably just have more Lubuntu users here paying attention. But maybe it’s true! In any case, I hope at least some of us had fun with that. :wink:

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Whether unfortunate or not, I take no position.

But considering that you didn’t even list Ubuntu GNOME by name, that you refer to it as an “inactive” flavor, and that you seem to imply that Ubuntu GNOME is no longer supported, the result certainly isn’t surprising.

If Ubuntu Studio had been labeled as an “inactive” flavor, and if @wxl had implied that Ubuntu Studio is no longer supported, would that not be relevant to you?

For what it’s worth, I like the name (“Ubuntu Studio”) of your flavor. Hope you’ll never change it to Stubuntu. :wink:

Why is this important to you?

To what does “this” refer in your question?

I’d happily discuss here any number of topics that are important to me, but I certainly don’t want to be accused of “thread hijacking” again.

Ubuntu-Gnome is not exactly deprecated, but became the default – Ubuntu itself became Ubuntu-Gnome. So, Ubuntu should’ve been included in the poll to see, how many of the visitors here would vote for it. After all, Ubuntu has the Gnome “flavour.”

Add Ubuntu and see…

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Ubuntu is NOT a flavour. It never has been. Regardless of how much you might think it is. I should stop beating that drum - it’s boring.


OK, let it be.


  1. a distinctive taste of a food or drink,
  2. an essential character of something,
  3. a kind, variety, or sort

After so long, is it still only me who voted for Ubuntu Kylin? :cry: cherry up!