What's your favorite official flavor?

To bad we can’t trade votes on top! Winning for sure… Ha.

Lubuntu’s in the lead! \o/

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Out of just 41 voters?!

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:-1: don’t spoil his fun


Not many “users” are interesting in voting, if there are any.

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I didn’t vote because the poll only provides “official” flavors as options. If the poll had included an “unofficial/remix” option, that option would have received my vote.

As for the available options, I’m torn between Ubuntu MATE (for what it is now, and for the great team that develops it) and Ubuntu Budgie (for what it will likely become once Budgie 11 is available). I wish I could split my vote between those two.

Even the most official Ubuntu itself is missing…

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t consider “unsweetened” a flavor. :rofl:

That said, this insistence of making default Ubuntu as something separate from the flavors is reflected in many pages, including one easily accessed through the main downloads page and the page on the wiki.

Why would Ubuntu be included in a list of flavours - it isn’t one, it’s Ubuntu.

Not really sure why people feel the need to get confrontational in a light hearted topic - then again I guess having been around the community for many years - nothing really changes.


A flavour can be quite bitter…so, the Gnome (flavour) had gone missing…

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I’m in the same boat, sort of.
I like Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Mate.
It’s hard to pick one over the other.
They all do what they do well.
Good to have tough choices I guess.
Bad for the poll, though.

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Hmm. The recent announcement from Solus regarding the “Budgie Desktop project [being] merged back into the Solus Project umbrella, making it a distinct Solus project once more” causes me to wonder about the future of Ubuntu Budgie. Until the sitution is clarified, my vote goes to Ubuntu MATE.

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Interesting, @fossfreedom? It may just be that it’ll take more patching to ensure it runs in Ubuntu / upstream commits that don’t break the experience in Solus.

Think you are reading too much into the statement. Budgie has always been open and continues to be made available to all. There is no reason to expect anything detrimental to occur for any distro.

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That is welcome news.

The announcement also stated that “all previous decisions will now be re-evaluated (Qt? Wayland? gtk4? etc).

I hope that Budgie will continue with its plans to migrate to Qt (as originally planned for Budgie 11) and add Wayland support, ideally relying on Mir as its default Wayland compositor.

If anyone’s missing Ubuntu GNOME then all they have to do is install Ubuntu and add the vanilla-gnome-desktop package and they have what Ubuntu GNOME would have looked like if it still existed at the time of the 18.04 release.

I’m only posting this as I’ve come across a few users on the forums that don’t know that this option is available. to them. May be it should be publicised more? Anyway, Ubuntu GNOME as a flavour will cease to exist once support of 16.04 ends in April 2019.

@wxl, so why wasn’t Ubuntu GNOME included in the poll?

Edit: it was, as an inactive flavour. :slight_smile:


Actually, Ubuntu GNOME 16.04.4 LTS is supported until April 2019.

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I’m only posting this as I’ve come across a few users on the forums that don’t know that this option is available. to them. May be it should be publicised more?

It was during 17.10. Things like that don’t simply disappear, and it astounds me how little attention OMG! Ubuntu gets as a resource.

Yes, I know that. Which is why I said…

…something that you failed to quote. :slight_smile:

Anyway, let’s not get too serious about this in what was just an attempt to raise something that isn’t known by everyone on another officially supported site, i.e. the Ubuntu Forums.

Other sites too, including the Ubuntu Wiki and Official Ubuntu Documentation pages.

Yep, in all honestly, I missed that bit in your comment. Rather, my eyes were drawn to your edit. Sorry about that.

Still, I think it’s worth emphasizing that Ubuntu GNOME, although deprecated, will remain supported until April 2019. The term “inactive” (as used in the poll and by you) may lead some to believe otherwise.

Agreed. That’s what I’m attempting to do.