What kinds of updates are not provided by the Livepatch service?

The livepatch service provides patches exclusively for Canonical-released kernels, addressing security issues that have been assigned a CVE and are rated as high or critical priority.

Livepatches are intended to address significant security issues in the kernel, and provide customers with protection from serious vulnerabilities until they can schedule a reboot. All CVEs that are rated as either a high or critical issue will always be livepatched if possible, and, if it is not possible, a notification that a reboot is required will be issued by the Livepatch client.

There are frequently patches included in kernel updates that are not included in the Livepatch service, such as:

  • bug fixes that are not security issues
  • performance improvements
  • driver updates
  • new features

To receive these updates, it is necessary to upgrade the kernel package using the package manager for the system (apt for Ubuntu desktop or server, or snapd if running on Ubuntu Core) and then reboot into the upgraded kernel.

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