What it would take for the Desktop team to agree to own NetworkManager-openconnect and its dependencies?

The title is the question. I also want that OpenConnect support be preinstalled in all Ubuntu flavors (Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio already have it); the rationale is in the bug. In addition, I filed another bug to preinstall this package in Ubuntu Desktop.


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I get to weigh in now, great. You’re going to get three parts of me - Core Dev hat, Ubuntu Server (volunteer/community) Team Contributor, and Community Council.

Discourse Moderators: Please get in touch with me separately, this is a wide-scale community issue that we need to address specially here.

Okay, coredev and contributor hat on.

RE: network-manager-openconnect and openconnect

I would suspect the Desktop team has ZERO intention to support these. Both are Universe, and openconnect is the server and client application that Network Manager uses. Because it’s heavily Command Line driven under the scenes, I would suspect that the Desktop Team has zero interest to maintain a primarily Server application.

You mention ‘the package and its dependencies’ - this does NOT include vPNC, sToken, or python-mechanize directly, all of which are primarily not Desktop level software unless you must have OpenConnect. I suspect this is the same reason that network-manager-{vpnc,openvpn,...} are not in Main either.

Now my CC hat on, and the justification for why I’m using my CC-powered mod hat here to lock this thread.

Your demeanor when addressing issues is EXTRAORDINARILY demanding and condescending. This is continually echoed in #ubuntu-security, #ubuntu-devel, and #ubuntu-release on IRC, to the point this has been complained about to me with my CC hat on.

I have personally asked you to tone down your approaches with these issues, to which you have effectively been a ‘brick wall’ and continue to be condescending and overly demanding with your requests.

The Ubuntu Community and Technical Teams, whether Community or Canonical-paid, DO NOT work for you. You may personally believe that there is justification to make these priority issues, however none of the issues you’ve specified anywhere are high priority, nor need the attention or effort you’re putting into them. Where you see justification is there, the reasons for your justification have been generally weak and not enough to substantially support the amount of efforts you’re putting in. There’s also been discussion that you have a ‘hidden agenda’ here among the backchannels that people communicate on privately, and the ‘random efforts’ you’re putting in to areas that don’t need that effort are starting to get you put on the ‘bad lists’ for people - i.e. the list of which people will IGNORE your messages and requests.

Every one of your requests to get SRUs or Security patches reviewed has been done with incessant daily pinging of people in a way that is contradictory to the CoC and to the ability to properly get teams’ interest in things.

Because of this, I am STRONGLY recommending right now that you step back from your ongoing tirades/pushes on your requests demands that you are making, and take a step back from your attempts to “improve Ubuntu” by demanding teams act on your bugs immediately. That’s not how the Community or Ubuntu Development work. And your ‘efforts’ are starting to become thorns in various teams’ sides to the point that it’s getting up to the CC’s levels of needing our attention.

I have closed this topic and locked it for all the aforementioned reasons - this discussion thread here is not going to serve any useful purpose other than to continue the ‘brick wall’ approach that you have tried to use with justifying things Luis, and that’s just not tolerated nor Ubuntu CoC compliant.


With my CC hat on:

I’m fully in support of Thomas’s comment. Luis, I have warned you Multiple Times, in private and in public on IRC, about your demanding behavor. Yet, you persist, and you disrupt the work of teams to get your attention. You have violated the Ubuntu Code of Conduct (CoC) multiple times, despite my warnings.

My warnings were intended to de-escalate your behavior, but it never succeeded. Instead, the situation escalated to the point of attracting and requiring Community Council involvement. I never wanted the situation to get here, but you seem to have forced our hand. We gave you multiple chances and told you how to go about doing what you’re trying to accomplish, but you ignored our requests and instead, over the past month, have created a toxic environment for our community.

For now, it would be in your best interest to cease further activity until the Community Council comes to a decision. Remember, you must be civil, non-demanding, and work within the Code of Conduct that you have been pointed toward multiple times and work within the IRC Guidelines while communicating on IRC.


I"ve reopened this at the request of the Desktop Team, however keep in mind what we’ve said, your approach to this is highly demanding and in a way not compliant with the Ubuntu CoC.


I have a very limited view of this but I have to say that Luis has been very helpful with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-openconnect/+bug/1969734 where I tried to dive in to the processes and actually get my first bug fix into Ubuntu. Which is probably what got this whole MIR idea started also…


Thank you for sharing your viewpoint! I appreciate hearing your perspective. I’m sure Luis is very technically proficient, and I’m happy he’s been helpful with that bug’s progress.

Ubuntu values cooperation and respect as well as pure technical skill, and so without going into the ongoing Code of Conduct concerns that have been mentioned, it’s always important for us to remember the human beings on the other end of the terminal, so to speak. That’s one of the values that has really made Ubuntu great for nearly two decades. And part of that is treating others with understanding and respect.


Thank you for your CC response to this issue last year @eeickmeyer and @teward

Please review Bug #1986592 “[MIR] network-manager-openconnect” : Bugs : network-manager-openconnect package : Ubuntu and Bug #1987446 “[MIR] openconnect” : Bugs : openconnect package : Ubuntu :pray:


To summarize from these bugs for awareness:

Response on Bug 1986592 (MIR request for network-manager-openconnect):

I’m sorry but the desktop team doesn’t have the capacity to take on maintaining officially openconnect and doing the work requested by the MIR process at this point so I’m going to wontfix the request. Feel free to bring that topic at the roadmap planing if you think it should make it to the team backlog or to reopen if you find another team wanting to own those components.


Response on Bug 1987446 (MIR request for openconnect):

Setting to wontfix per @seb128’s comment in Comment #13 : Bug #1986592 : Bugs : network-manager-openconnect package : Ubuntu


Because this is now a “Won’t Fix” case I have asserted Discourse mod access and marked this summary as the Solution, as it is now answered that “The Desktop team will not take management of this package or the related packages.”

(This issue can be considered “closed” now)