What is GJS? Why we need a its notification? Why we need it need to be in taskmanager as a running application?

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Is this a bug? I have seen this since 20.04 released.
I won’t say more otherwise the post might get muted for 24 hours.
What is the progress that has been made to mitigate this? What is it really?

GJS is the part of gnome-shell that translates between GNOME Objects and JavaScript. It’s an important part of gnome-shell but it should not normally have ‘Open Windows’.

I am guessing that might have come from an extension you have. Open the ‘Extensions’ app and try disabling everything, then log out and in again.

This extension is installed by Ubuntu by default.

But it doesn’t work because it doesn’t show Desktop Icons/folder, so I have to install another extension made by the same developer. This works fine.

Even if both cases or if either one of them was/is working, I will see GJS. I have seen this. What to do? The only solution is I don’t use any extensions at all, which I don’t like.

My only guess is that the GJS window might be caused by ‘desktop-icons-ng-ding’. So try disabling that even briefly so we can find out. Although you might have to uninstall it to stop it from running any code at all! Also remember to log out and in again.

If that solves the problem then it’s probably not an Ubuntu bug, because ‘desktop-icons-ng-ding’ is not part of Ubuntu. If that doesn’t solve the problem then please report a bug by running:

ubuntu-bug gnome-shell

This might be the problem: https://gitlab.com/rastersoft/desktop-icons-ng/-/issues/48

Judging by the links u mentioned, the fix is in GNOME 3.38. :-:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: