We've moved

You may not have noticed, but the url for this site has changed. We’re now https://discourse.ubuntu.com/ rather than https://community.ubuntu.com/. This is to bring it in line with other projects which have (or will have) similar discourse based communities.

Nothing seems to have broken in the move! Thanks to Canonical IS for the smooth move :slight_smile:


Quite an interesting word, discourse. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discourse

Moreover, because a discourse is a body of text meant to communicate specific data, information, and knowledge, there exist internal relations in the content of a given discourse; likewise, there exist external relations among discourses. As such, a discourse does not exist per se (in itself), but is related to other discourses, by way of inter-discursivity; therefore, in the course of intellectual enquiry, the discourse among researchers features the questions and answers of What is …? and What is not. …, conducted according to the meanings (denotation and connotation) of the concepts (statements) used in the given field of enquiry,

@popey: Will there be arranged with redirects? (There are links to this site.)

Hmmm, seems the old domain name still works without redirect.

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You’re right, it does. Would be good if someone could confirm that both domains will keep working for now, so we don’t end up with broken links in some places before people have had the opportunity to change them.

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Some weird behavior:

  • Go to discourse.ubuntu.com
    • Copy link to post: see discourse.ubuntu.com
    • https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/weve-moved/6878/5
  • Go to community.ubuntu.com
    • Copy link to post: see community.ubuntu.com
    • https://community.ubuntu.com/t/weve-moved/6878/5

Now, it is a “discourse,” maybe people can ask questions about an app, ask help from the devs here.

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Discourse (software) is an open source Internet forum and mailing list management software application . Ubuntu Community Hub is one of its client.

Its the reason behind URL changing.

The word discourse, and also word community are nice meaning words. The 2nd largest amount of posts are help requests, which no one ever reply, or get redirected to a place, where they’d get some help. The threads get closed, and the people who ask questions are lost for Ubuntu and even for Linux. Most of the people asking help are new to Ubuntu and Linux. All the devs and the team leaders are here. Are the words community and discourse relevant?

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Yes. You are right. The word " discourse " is relevant to this site.:slightly_smiling_face:

It seems a bit odd that the URL of the website is now the name of the piece of software powering it, rather than describing what it is for.


“Moreover, because a discourse is a body of text meant to communicate specific data, information, and knowledge…”

If someone asks a question (help), anyone here, who knows the information, has to convey the knowledge to that person. The devs surely have the information, or should have, I believe.

I’d love to know where you get the data for that statement.

Or is it just words you’ve written to back up your statement.

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Come on it’s based on common sense, so many users can’t be wrong.

Ubuntu Community Hub support-help-requests
Did anyone get a solution for the problem they had? 242 topics, the 2nd largest here.

When the car gets engine trouble, you go to the authorised mechanic, not to the neighbour with the same car.

Obviously you’ve not thought too much about what I said.

So 242 people didn’t bother to see if this place was for support.

To answer my original query you would need to know if they actually gave up - or read the information they were given to properly deal with their support issue - but you don’t know that do you.

So I’m once more left assuming that you just posted some words to back up your statement.


It’s a nice and friendly thought. However history repeatedly shows that it doesn’t end well: The projects and groups depart for newer, less volatile venues.

Do appreciate that we try to gently refer support querants to the valid, official support venues they should have started with. If anybody has suggestions on how to more kindly and gracefully migrate support requests (without a lot of code) we’re listening.

We do get PM feedback from some of those closed support requests. “Oh-thanks-for-pointing-me-in-the-right-direction” tends to outperform “you-are-being-unfair-about-this” by about 3 to 1.

Also do appreciate that we usually leave advanced support requests (well-researched, complex) open precisely because this is a good venue for them.

If somebody here wishes to offer technical support, they are free to do so via PM.

We will continue to close basic support requests more appropriate to other venues, just like we will continue to close adverts, trolling, rants, etc.


I don’t want to argue on the matter, though I feel that a person asking a question should be replied at least once with a solution, then asked to go to user-help-user place. Users can help a lot, though they might be wrong most times, whereas the people, who create the distro knows the answer, or at least knows how to find a way to the solution. (The car problem analogue.)

I also use another OS, and as I don’t have much knowledge of it, sometimes I ask questions in their official “community.” I always get an answer, a detailed one, sending through all the steps to solve the problem, trivial or complex. This is done by a user, community moderator or by an employee. If the solution is in another place, outside the official community or help, the link given would give you the solution. Today, I am learning more and more about that OS, reading through the posts in the community.

Anyway, this is what I have to say. I won’t bring this matter out again.

Though I agree that this is definitely by definition the wrong place for technical support, I imagine that the link “community” on the Ubuntu main website could be misleading. Some people could be pretty lazy, Google “Ubuntu”, land on the Ubuntu website, look for help and click the community button and land here. Maybe the link should be rather something like “Development community”. That would not completly protect from wrong support requests but maybe mitigate a bit.

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Hey people, there’s a topic about Support Requests:

Your comments in here will not be easily found by people who want to discuss that topic, so it would be better to move them there.