Welcome to the new Ubuntu on AWS space/community

We are excited to announce that we are starting a new space for all the Ubuntu builders on AWS.

To make it brief, the idea is to share content and experiences about what you are building on AWS, using Ubuntu, share your story and knowledge and connect with other Ubuntu builders on AWS.

Some ideas of things that you may want to share or ask about:

  • How you use Ubuntu on AWS
  • Using Ubuntu with cloud deployment tools, images builders, automation etc.
  • Ubuntu containers on cloud-managed container or Kubernetes services
  • Systems management on AWS (SSM and other tools) for managing Ubuntu instances at scale
  • Using premium services like Ubuntu Pro, FIPS, CIS hardening or Livepatch on AWS

As for support, askubuntu.com and AWS re:Post are still the preferred channels (we are constantly monitoring and answering there too!). If you need professional support under SLA, you can contact us here or at aws@canonical.com.