Webp support

I tried to add a .webp format image as it allows lossless animation. Sadly, I couldn’t put it through. Is there any chance that this forum will support .webp formats in the near future ? Thanks.


webp seems not fully supported in all browsers, which I believe is a good criteria to define whether to add support for it here.

Thanks for the reply.

Hopefully Chrome, Firefox and Opera has support for webp format. How wide a range are we looking at ?

We’re just using upstream discourse. If support is added there, we get it in a later update.

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Looks like Discourse allows adding WebP upload in discussions. We just need to enable it

to allow WebP uploads is to add it to authorized_extensions in admin > settings > files

The info provided above allows for users to upload webp images in composer. Any user on your forum will be able to upload webp images without receiving the not authorized error.

It is your decision in the end. :slight_smile:

List of browsers with WebP support. Looks like Safari and iOS are the only platforms that is out of the league


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