WebP support backport to 22.04?

Seeing that 22.10 can now natively view .webp images, could this be backported to 22.04 as well? I am increasingly finding that I must open these files with other apps such as GIMP. It would be great to be able to view them as proper thumbnails and within EoG. Thanks!


That would be awesome. But there is also way to add that support.

This is true, and helpful for those willing to go that route, but it would of course be nice for everyone if this was present by default and without the need for an external software source. I am generally willing to do this, but I much prefer a trusted and consistent source for the component. Especially having it there by default.


I will add that I just checked the official package for 22.10 (webp-pixbuf-loader package : Ubuntu) and it installed and works in 22.04. That eliminates the need for a PPA, but again, it would be great to have this backported and ‘baked-in’ to 22.04 :slight_smile:


I’ve uploaded the package as a SRU now,

Ideally we should pull it in by default and make eog claims the mimetype also but the package would need to be promoted first. Adding it is a first step though