Web3Lagos Conference Report

Report on Recent Web3Lagos Conference and Proposal for More Ubuntu Awareness in Africa

I am writing to share my experiences from a recent Web3 event I attended, where I had the opportunity to promote Ubuntu and help attendees with installations.

The event was a vibrant gathering of individuals interested in the Web3 space. I was fortunate to meet new friends and engage in enlightening discussions about various topics, including Ubuntu. I took the initiative to explain the benefits of Ubuntu, its robust features, and why it stands out as an excellent choice for developers and users alike.

We also assisted several attendees with Ubuntu installations, guiding them through the process and addressing any issues they encountered. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many appreciating Ubuntu’s user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities.

Based on these interactions, I believe there is a significant potential for Ubuntu in Africa. The continent is home to a rapidly growing tech scene, and there is a clear interest in open-source software like Ubuntu. However, there is a need for more awareness and education about Ubuntu and its benefits.

Therefore, I propose that we organize more events like the recent Web3 gathering in various parts of Africa. These events could serve as platforms to promote Ubuntu, provide hands-on assistance with installations, and educate attendees about the advantages of using Ubuntu. By doing so, we can help to foster a strong Ubuntu community in Africa and contribute to the continent’s burgeoning tech ecosystem.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Join our Nigeria LoCo: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/c/locos/ubuntu-ng/155


The event was really an amazing one and it was nice discovering Ubuntu through you sir.

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This is amazing!
Was one for the books!
Great to see that Ubuntu was well represented!

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I agree with you there’s a lot of potential here in Africa and hosting more events will definitely prove useful in harnessing the potential. I look forward to organising one with you


Super interesting!

Dwellir https://dwellir.com is building infrastructure based on many Ubuntu stacks in Lagos and are 100% willing to participate in building a community around web3, open source and Ubuntu.

Let me know if you like to collaborate.