Web Panel for Ubuntu on server

I would like to know which web panel Ubuntu recommends on an Ubuntu VPS ? Will it be possible at some point that server edition ships with a web panel ( from Ubuntu or 3rd party like Gnome as in desktop ) in the basic installation ? Thanks.

Checkout webmin


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Thanks. I have used Webmin before. And of course you would know it does not come with an easy to use UI like cPanel or CentOS Web Panel or others in the league. No doubt Webmin is useful. I was recommended to use a Webmin theme which makes it much easier to use.

I was simply hoping that Ubuntu will at some point offer a web panel and contribute to its ease of use.

CPanel and others are geared towards the hosting solutions and not much about server internals. An equivalent of them are Virtualmin, ISPCondig, vistapanel, Anjeti etc.

If you checkout the latest version of webmin you will be surprised by the new easy to use default theme.


As for a default server panel, I don’t think Ubuntu can ship one by default because as a server edition it is a general purpose os like all the other server distros.
It’s admin’s job to customize it for a particular job

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All I was hoping that it is available with Ubuntu. Something as simple as

sudo apt install web-panel

if not a pre-installed one.

I did see the Authentic theme somewhere. Had no idea it was an official theme.

A web panel is related to the job you want to do. Can you elaborate on what tasks you want to do on a server that you would want to do it from a web panel ?

Officially Ubuntu has Landscape https://landscape.canonical.com/

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Let us assume that we are planning to install WordPress. After installing the OS, people will look to get themselves a cPanel like panel.

Yes, we need to install LAMP as well. But I would assume something like cPanel made available which is safe ( most free panels are not ) in Ubuntu environment will be a great addition.

That, as I mentioned before is a really specific job that needs man power to be built and supported by a company (Canonical) that “website hosting” is not in their business interests.

In contrary I wouldn’t want a panel like that installed by default because I use Ubuntu server for totally different things.

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Valid point. Same here.

For a lot of people, buying a hosting means to install those regular software like WordPress ( which runs around 1/3 of the internet ), MyBB, Xenforo, Joomla, Moodle, NextCloud and so on.

Now Ubuntu does take them through the first level. ie, get the OS installed. After that point the support for normal user ceases. An average user buys hosting and then he goes to cPanel to install those web apps.

I would understand when you say you do not need the panel flashing on your face once you install the OS. But let it be there ( a command far ) for people who would actually need a panel as an interface for their regular app install process. Won’t that be a win win for a lot of users ?

As for dedicating resources, every investment has its own returns. Currently when someone ask on those forums about which panel to use, most free panels are almost unusable due to security flaws.

Web panel is a generic term and means different things to different people.

There is juju gui, which launches a webapp allowing one to control / deploy / change things that are deployed using juju across multiple machines/containers/etc.

Cockpit Project is a product which I believe is supported with Ubuntu hosts.

No idea if that’s what you are looking for, just mentioning as additional solutions that might be suitable for some.


When I wrote the title, I had CentOS Web Panel in mind. Which a lot of people recommend as an alternative to cPanel. I know most of the work can be handled through CLI, but it is certainly a comfort to have a GUI when setting up websites through CMS like WordPress.

I will explore the options you mentioned. Thanks.

cockpit is in the repos proper, you can just apt install it …



the best one ever, i have done recently and its a good enough and free, works fine on 20.04

If you are looking for a web hosting panel, and you have mentioned cPanel or CentOS Web Panel, ISPConfig is probably your best option. The most recent version supports up to Ubuntu 22.04. Virtualmin runs up to 22.04 and would be an option for that version. I would stay away from Vesta as it only supports 18.04 and has had some issues.

All of the above are web hosting panels, including cPanel and CWP, not to be confused with server management panels such as Cockpit, Webmin, and Ajenti.

All mentioned can be installed on Ubuntu and are open source.