Web Design on Ubuntu

I am new to ubuntu and i would like to get familiar with ubuntu before i download the iso. i would like to know my limits on ubuntu if i would like to design website on ubuntu. is it possible? what are the disadvantages?

The Linux Kernel is an incredibly powerful tool. I would recommend you get familiar with it first before downloading and installing it. If you’re currently running Windows 10, you can actually download Ubuntu from the Microsoft Store for free after enabling “Windows Subsystem for Linux” in Settings. This will allow you to have the powerful Ubuntu terminal experience inside the safety of your familiar Windows shell. Get familiar with it, learn the commands, and research the Linux software you would need for Web Design. Personally, I am a new programmer. Just started about two years ago. I may have my gripes with Ubuntu every now and then, but I really do love it. Honestly, there are no limitations to what you can do in Linux. You are only limited by what you don’t know how to do.

Just send me a DM, and I’ll help in any way I can. :sunglasses:


Ubuntu and web design are two different parts of today’s web design. Of course, you can install Ubuntu, dependencies and design a website over it. But that is normally the headache of hosting providers

The simple answer is yes, you can design a website over Ubuntu

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Just for clarification, do you plan on either

  • Installing ubuntu, running a webserver and hosting websites on it?
  • Installing ubuntu and use applications on ubuntu to design websites (e.g. editors, graphics application)

You can easily do both on ubuntu, but there are differences in set-up, etc.

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I have personally used Ubuntu as a PC OS for website design. Ubuntu supports a lot tools like LAMP, XAMPP, npm etc and editors like Brackets, Atom and so on

If you need graphics support for web design, there is GIMP, Inkscape and so on