Wayland issues

Ubuntu 21.10daily and 21.04 Wayland issues I’ve found:

  • Conky isn’t visible when set to autostart
  • Middle click to lower doesn’t work
  • Archive Manager is unable to drag and drop files to a folder
  • Discord hotkeys don’t work while window is not in focus
  • Firefox picture-in-picture buttons don’t always work
  • Steam remote play doesn’t work

I just wanted to list of some issues I have found with Wayland on Ubuntu. I know some of these problems are on the application’s developers. I know I should probably post bug issues on these, but I really dislike using launchpad.

Please report each of those as separate bugs using the command:

ubuntu-bug PACKAGENAME


  • gnome-shell for middle clicking
  • nautilus for the drag and drop issue (unless proven to be the desktop)
  • firefox for firefox.

Issues in Discord and Steam will need to be reported elsewhere.

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