Wanted: More feedback when copying large files/folders

(Excuse me if I’m posting this in the wrong place.)

I would like to see more feedback when copying/moving large files/folders.

I discovered that by clicking the tiny “pie-chart” icon on the file browser showing copy progress that it’ll also show the number of bytes left to copy and an ETA, but I’d also like to see the names of the files being copied in real-time, and when a long copy process is completed, there is a long pause before the progress bar dialog closes… so long that I was concerned it might have crashed.

It would also be nice if the “Progress Bar” view was the default and not simply the tiny pie-chart.


A better place to suggest changes is where Nautilus developers hang out, or where Nautilus developers track wishlist requests…both of which are at gnome.org (not here).

This assumes, of course, that you are using Nautilus, and not any of the many other File Manager applications available.