Want grub help

I imagine the people in this thread could help me with my system, it’s not creating new menu entries when running update-grub

This thread is super long so I created a new one for my issue - if you guys could help me out I would really appreciate it



I’ve requested a support page at ubuntu forums but i’ve not had a reply yet.


That’s a great idea.

Hey, does anyone know why my new datasets are mounted as removable devices in Gnome?

Last time I installed ZFS I immediately uninstall Gnome and installed Kubuntu-Desktop (as I’m not a huge fan of Gnome), but I’m checking out this whole Gnome thing in the hopes of improved compatibility this time, and …

What’s with all the mounted datasets?!


I am creating a script to migrate user folders (e.g. Pictures, Documents, etc.) to zfs datasets

I ran into a kerfuffle and a folder with existing data was overwritten with a zfs dataset

However, instead of the expected behavior (new dataset = an empty folder), it contained all the data in the folder with the same name

Is this a new expected behavior? Is it essentially the same as mv-ing the directory name, creating the dataset, and then copying all the files from the old folder to the new dataset? Or could it cause issues?

very interesting…