Vote for the Jammy Jellyfish 22.04 Wallpaper Competition!

Apologies for not posting this here in the Desktop category sooner - it’s time to vote for the Jammy Jellyfish Wallpaper Competition! :tada:

Vote for your TWO favorites on the voting form. You will need to choose exactly two to be able to submit your vote. Voting will be open from now until March 13 at 11:59:00 PM. :ballot_box:

Winners will be announced shortly thereafter and be uploaded to the image before UI freeze. So be sure to vote for your favorite, and a huge thank you and good luck to all our contributors! :crossed_fingers:


I’ve posted ~60 photos and I don’t see a single photo from them.
Was posting a link to Dropbox not acceptable for the competition?

I do NOT speak for the organizers of the competition.

I think it’s unreasonable to expect “somebody else” to retrieve and post ~60 photos for you.

You are the person who cares most about getting your photos into the competition. It’s up to you to make it happen within the rules --and the spirit-- of the thread.

My experience with previous competitions is that the organizers likely did not foresee links instead of real posts, and did not foresee one person submitting large numbers of images. You have pushed their envelope, and they might respond with future additional rules/clarifications to address. It’s the down side of being first to try something new, sorry.

There are typically two competitions each year, so you will get another chance, regardless of how the organizers respond.

I apologize for not reach out sooner to let you know to post a selection of your images. Next cycle we will have a more efficient submission system that is more scalable, because our current system is definitely not, and uploading 60 photos, and checking them for originality, would have been too much for one person, aka me.

We will be doing this every cycle, as @ian-weisser said, so please keep an eye out for the 22.10 competition, which will have a better submission system and some updated guidelines.


Thank You ever so much for posting the competition for the Vote. I al most forgot until I read your post ! Logged in to Goggle E-mail, and selected the
Orange Jellyfish and another picture for 2nd choice. Thank You for Posting, I almost forgot about the Event !

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