Vote for the Jammy Jellyfish 22.04 Wallpaper Competition!

After a long wait, and a LOT of copying and pasting (so much copying and pasting) we’re ready for the voting to go live for the Jammy Jellyfish Wallpaper Competition! :tada:

Vote for your TWO favorites on the voting form. You will need to choose exactly two to be able to submit your vote. Voting will be open from now until March 13 at 11:59:00 PM. :ballot_box:

Winners will be announced shortly thereafter and be uploaded to the image before UI freeze. So be sure to vote for your favorite, and a huge thank you and good luck to all our contributors! :crossed_fingers:


I notice that one of my submissions appears twice in the voting system: Option 28 and Option 67…

@madhens, I just noticed this post and that no email for it was received. Maybe because I’m only subscribed to Desktop topics?..

Would you consider reposting this in Desktop and extending the deadline? I’m sure there would be other people like me still waiting for the competition to start, unaware that it already did.

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Thank you for the advice, Van - I’ll do just that! I’ll also extend the competition through 11:59 UTC on Sunday night.

Hello , I v ery like wallpaper 59 , that is one of the xubuntu 20.04 wallpaper . anybody have a download link of that ?

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