Voice commands

Is there any chance can see voice commands in Ubuntu ? I mean, some sort of assistant like in Android, iPhone etc.


It could also be a 3rd party program that allows verbal commands for opening and closing the browser. Or dictation to documents and having those docs read back to the reader. And the reading back of scanned documents would be a great asset to the visually impaired and/or with writing disabilities.

Have you taken a look at Mycroft? https://mycroft.ai/


Someone did suggest that to me. Does it work in Ubuntu 16.04 ? Does it take commands like " open Firefox ", " play music ", " set reminder " etc ? Thanks.

I’m afraid I don’t know for sure, but I think that was the plan. There is a good community around Mycroft and it would make a great snap. If you find out please report back!

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I talked to them


The above skill ( add-on ) can launch apps, they say. They didn’t respond to my question about Mycroft being made available as a snap.


open firefox
search mycroft in amazon
close firefox
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