Visual corruption in snapped apps after Ubuntu 23.04 update

I upgraded from 22.10 to 23.04. I have to say, it was the more troubled update I had in many years.

One of the problems I still have is that some snapped apps open their windows visually corrupted. The first app I noticed this was firefox and I submited a bug report.

The same thing happens with FreeCad, also snapped.

I notice that snaps use a fairly old mesa version, Mesa 21.2.6. Not sure if this is related.

Does anyone else have this issue?


I’m using Xubuntu 23.04 and every time I update firefox with snap, the firefox icon I put to the panel disappears, but a void remains there and you can hover above it. When I delete the empty button, the whole panel is gone. I had to reboot my computer manually, because also the menu is gone. After the reboot the panel is already there and everything is O.K.