Video position select / scrub in 22.04 broken

I was hesitant to talk about bugs here, because the place for that is predominantly Launchpad, but this is such a basic functionality of a modern desktop that I feel compelled to see how widespread this issue is.

Basically, I can’t use totem in 22.04 to move positions in videos. It works once or twice if at all, then the image freezes (but the audio continues). I submitted a bug awhile back here: but there hasn’t been much in the way of developments there. I know that others have experienced it, but I am hoping that I can give this a bit more visibility so that others can confirm this issue if it exists for them. I need to review video frequently, and due to this problem I have to install VLC. While that works, one shouldn’t have to do that for this, and it may reflect poorly on Ubuntu if this is a widespread issue.

Thanks for anyone’s time that checks/confirms if they also experience this issue.

Usually this issues happen because something wrong with video driver or in some cases happen when some plugin missing, try to check this first and make sure it’s work well

Thanks for the reply,

I’ve tested with nvidia 5.15 through 5.30 (Official packages) and I am not missing any default plugins.

Been going on for others for awhile as well

This affects anything using gstreamer. I can’t use Pitivi because of it

For me it happens whether vaapi packages are installed or not

Out of desperation/experimentation, I used ppa:savoury1/multimedia and upgraded gstreamer and the problem is gone. Once again not ideal, but it does indicate that a point version bump could solve the problem.

You should file a launchpad bug with that info then, so the maintainers get aware of the problem…

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I have. It was referenced in my initial post :slight_smile: Bug #2004021 “Moving video position /scrubbing in Totem (Videos)...” : Bugs : gstreamer package : Ubuntu

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So, the issue IS happening much less frequently, but after a few days of testing and use, it is still happening at times. sigh