Very lagging, slow after latest kernel/gnome upgrade (22.04.3)

My OS became very slow and lagging on every action taken, after regular latest upgrade to 22.04.3.
I guess it’s because of gnome new version, rather than kernel upgrade. Also, CPU usage is at very high level most of the time, very often at 100%, which does not occurred before. No specific app is responsible for that kind of behavior, as I’ve already check that at first place. It seems to me that something is badly broken with new upgrade. Does someone else experience the same issue as I’m??

Please use top to find out what process name is using the high CPU and then use ubuntu-bug to create a bug report about it. If you have any trouble creating the bug that way then try this link instead and then subscribe me (vanvugt).

Thank you for prompt reply.

I will try to investigate it further, since I can’t find single process that cause the issue. Also, it occurs regardless of CPU usage. I’ll get back once I found something new, or I will create a bug report as you suggested. For now, I have no clue what’s happening.

If the problem is not the CPU then check:

journalctl -f

to see if it’s being overwhelmed by log messages.

Also in future please report bugs on Launchpad because Discourse is not a support site.

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I’m sorry. Didn’t know that.

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Its probably ok to discuss it here though right? Before its confirmed as a bug?

Was a bug created? Could it be linked here please?


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More often than not, different people are experiencing bugs with different causes. Even if you think the symptoms sound the same. Please log your own bug by running:

ubuntu-bug gnome-shell

Thanks, It does indeed seem the same. I logged this one

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The description of @derek0207 confirmed bug is exactly the same as I’m experience. I don’t know what else could I add to it or put it different, eventually. Since kernel version change in @derek0207 case didn’t make it any better, it seems that problem is due to gnome update. With all that said I think that make no sense to create the same bug at lunchpad, but to maybe just confirm the one that @derek0207 already has created??

Then open that bug and click This bug affects 1 person. Does this bug affect you?

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OK. I’ve done it. Thanks everyone.