Vector Graphic of the Disco Dingo


I was looking to see if there is a svg copy of the disco dingo wallpaper to make alternate versions of the wallpaper.


Canonical used to make the animal mascot available as an .svg on the Ubuntu Wiki, but the page hasn’t been updated since the Zesty Zapus release.

I know I had an .svg of the Artful and Bionic mascots at one point, which I think I found on Launchpad via @willcooke. I’ve not seen any similar mascot files for C or for D, though.

I’m not sure there’s ever been a full SVG release of the stock wallpaper, though?

I know this reply hasn’t been much help, but having the mascot SVG would still be useful. I traced my own vector of the dingo (alas not the cuttlefish, as it was too intricate).

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And I guess what I am really looking for is just the mascot, not the entire wallpaper.

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