Vanilla gnome desktop maintenance?

Hi! Is there any news on maintenance of a Vanilla gnome desktop?
ubuntu-gnome-default-settings seems to be outdated and users already reported that they can’t install vanilla-gnome-default-settings package on impish.
Bug reports here seem to get no feedback from maintainers.

To get the vanilla GNOME desktop (as an option on the login screen) you need to:

sudo apt install gnome-session

But that won’t reset any theme/shell settings you have so there might still be some Ubuntu theming…

If you want to go to a pure GNOME theme then look in GNOME Tweaks > Appearance and change the themes to ‘Adwaita’. Or more simply you can reset all of your settings to system defaults using:

dconf reset -f /

and then the GNOME login option will appear with the correct theme. The ‘Ubuntu’ login option will also still be available with the pure Ubuntu experience.