Using Multipass to build a Kubernetes sandbox on Ubuntu Server 22.04 bare metal to explore cloud computing!

Experimenting building Kubernetes development sandbox at home on 3 x i7-9700 desktops each running Ubuntu Server 22.04.

I came across Multipass and really like the simplicity and hope to continue to use it rather than revert back to Vagrant.

I came across an issue where the Multipass VM’s go into an “Unknown” state most very likely caused by my tinkering with network config or updating based on the posts I read.

I managed to fix the Network issue in the config but I could find no way to restart the VM’s post the Unknown state happening and decided to uninstall and reinstall Multipass. (The Multipass service had also stopped).

Is it now possible to find the previous VM’s or does a remove Multipass delete them forever?

I had a main VM which was configured as the whole machine, then 4 others were created inside the main one:

On the initial development server I have:

1x single VM 8 cpu with 32GB ram and then VMs 1 x control plane and 3 nodes 2 CPU 8gb each.

Are there snapshots of these somewhere such that I can recover?

I have a script for the creation so its not a big problem if they are lost.

My final question is will Multipass be the best candidate for my use case?

I did opt to share usage with the Developers, so hopefully you got some info from this.


Hi ctrl-alt-delete,
Thanks for reaching out, this seems like a great use case for Multipass, to answer one of your questions.

In regards to the deleted instances, we do have a recover command that might be worth trying. multipass list should also show the instances as deleted as long as you have not run multipass purge, which permanently deletes the instances. Let me know if that helps!