Urgent! Resources of Russian Ubuntu LoCo are inaccessible

Our community – Russian Ubuntu LoCo – is faced with a severe problem at the moment. The problem is with DNS hosting for our LoCo domain (ubuntu.ru) making it inaccessible. As a result, our LoCo resources are completely nonworking. As a temporary solution, we managed to transfer our resources to an interim domain (https://ubuntu.name/). Definitely, this situation cannot be considered permanent, so we need to recover the original domain name.

We have created an issue ticket for this problem: https://rt.ubuntu.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=36163

The domain is already inaccessible for about three weeks, and we don’t see any activity in the problem solution.

On behalf of Russian Ubuntu LoCo, I would like to ask Ubuntu Community for help in solving this problem. Thank you in advance!


I see no comments on that ticket about steps taken. It’s a bit discouraging if such an issue isn’t given higher priority.


I’ll chase up inside Canonical, work out why this was missed/delayed so far, and report back. We’ll get this sorted :blush:


So, the reason it has been delayed so long is that we have DNS setup for ubuntu-ru.org, but not ubuntu.ru so they needed to check the validity of the ticket, which was taking a while.

Is ubuntu-ru.org under your administration too @doctor-rover ?

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Thank you for your kind consideration of the issue!

I will give the answer to this question as soon as I get it from our administrators.

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We don’t currently use ubuntu-ru.org, but formerly there used to be a redirect from it to ubuntu.ru.


The problem has been solved – ubuntu.ru and forum.ubuntu.ru are available again.
Many thanks to everyone who took part in solving the problem! :slight_smile: