Upgrading to the Ubuntu latest release from focal

I’ve been using multipass focal as it is provided by the primary instance on M1. Is it safe to upgrade to the current latest Ubuntu release, what is the drawback if there’s any?

Hi @itaru!

It should be perfectly fine to upgrade Ubuntu versions running inside a Multipass instance.

Thanks for your interest in Multipass!

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Thank you! Will do upgrade to the latest one.

Is there a reason for primay always being an instance of 20.04.4 LTS? It’s 2022.

Hi @itaru!

We use the default LTS which is not changed to the latest LTS until the .1 release is out. So when 22.04.1 is released, Multipass will be automatically switched to 22.04 by default. NB: This is not a Multipass decision, but is a distro decision.



Thanks now I understand how the release is chosen for the primary