Updating snaps after Mir release


We have a number of snaps built from the Mir libraries, and there is automation in place to rebuild these with the latest Mir on the 22/beta channel. There is also automated testing that these work.

After checking for problems, we need to promote these to 22/candidate, publish a “Call for Testing” and wait a week to allow for problems being detected and finally promote to 22/stable.

(Note the 22 track is the current focus for development.)

Mir based snaps

These are the snaps considered after the Mir 2.14.1 release

Snap Action Comment
confined-shell noop (edge only)
egmde noop (core20 base)
mir-kiosk noop (core20 base)
mir-kiosk-x11 noop (core20 base) https://github.com/MirServer/mir-kiosk-x11-snap/issues/17
mir-test-tools 22/beta=>22/candidate
miriway noop (not ready for candidate)
ubuntu-frame 22/beta=>22/candidate

Manual tests

A little “sanity” testing…


snap install --channel 22/candidate mir-test-tools_candidate
snap install --channel 22/candidate ubuntu-frame_candidate
snap set frame-it shell=ubuntu-frame_candidate


frame-it mir-kiosk-kodi
frame-it env MIR_SERVER_WAYLAND_HOST=wayland-1 mir-test-tools_candidate.smoke-test
frame-it env MIR_SERVER_WAYLAND_HOST=wayland-1 mir-test-tools_candidate.performance-test --gtest_filter=-GLMark2Xwayland.*

Example “Call for Testing”

The `22/candidate` tracks of following snaps have been updated to the latest [Mir release (2.14.1)](https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/mir-release-2-14-0/37082):


To test, just switch to the `candidate` channel. For example:

    snap refresh --channel 22/candidate ubuntu-frame

And use as normal. Please let us know any results here.

If no problems are identified we aim to promote to `22/stable` in a week.