Updating Lubuntu's Release Management Delegation - January 2024

Original email here.

Proper delegation in any leadership position is critical for preventing bus factor, burnout, and de-motivation. At Lubuntu, we strive to set an example, and maintain people that significantly contribute to the project.

As the officially-appointed Release Manager for the Lubuntu project, the Lubuntu Constitution affords me the right and responsibility of selecting official Assistants to my position. These individuals assist with the duties of the Lubuntu Release Manager, which is defined as such in our Constitution:

The Lubuntu Release Manager is the individual responsible for all release management for the Product. They make the final decision as to what packages are in the Product (although this is subject to platform expectations set by the Ubuntu Technical Board), the release goals for the Product, and whether or not the Product is in a releasable state. They serve as the point of contact for Product releases, and have the ability to establish release-related rules for Product-specific packages.

Therefore, the delegation for the Lubuntu Assistant Release Management Team has been updated to the following, effective immediately:

As the current Lubuntu Release Manager, I hereby delegate Release Management of Long-Term Support Point Releases to the Lubuntu Assistant Release Management Team, beginning with the 22.04.4 point release. Our project governance explicitly dictates that this responsibility ultimately falls onto me, so if a decision needs to be made that is above the capacity of the aforementioned members, I will be available to make the “final call.” That being said, my intent is to let them do these releases independently, which will allow me to focus on Release Management for the latest, upcoming stable release (in this case, 24.04).

Per the decision of the Lubuntu Council, Thomas Ward remains as Team Lead. The Team Lead may be consulted in the case that every member of the official Release Management team is unavailable to carry out their duties, but treat this as an emergency, last-resort decision that surpasses the Release Management Team’s rank.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me personally. That being said, I would ask that the community accept this with open arms, and assist us in guiding Aaron and Dan in their Release Management duties.

Please join me in congratulating them!