Unprivledged user trying to use LXD via Juju

I did a quick google, the closest post I could connect to so far was a person in Alpine linux trying to setup an unprividlehed user to get LXD access… https://discuss.linuxcontainers.org/t/can-not-run-lxd-as-an-unprivileged-user/6323/4

My main objective is to have an admin user, 2 regular users with power in juju to use LXD to create juju models … BUT when ssh in as a non juju admin user and point Juju at the snap server.crt… i get

juju add-model test123 localhost
ERROR getting credential: cloud credential "localhost/emcp/localhost" not found (not found)
See `juju add-credential localhost --help` for instructions

$ juju add-credential localhost

This operation can be applied to both a copy on this client and to the one on a controller.
Do you want to add a credential to:
    1. client only (--client)
    2. controller "localhost-localhost" only (--controller localhost-localhost)
    3. both (--client --controller localhost-localhost)
Enter your choice, or type Q|q to quit: 3
Using cloud "localhost" from the controller to verify credentials.
Enter credential name: lxd-localhost


Select region [any region, credential is not region specific]: 

Auth Types

Select auth type [interactive]: certificate

Enter the path to the PEM-encoded LXD server certificate file: /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/server.crt

ERROR open /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/server.crt: permission denied

I’ve added this user to LXD group… but wondering what I need in order to allow it to juju add-credential localhost ie use LXD

If this is more a question for Juju I can file it there instead… just that this is very specific to getting LXD happy I think