Unity8 now lives at UBports

@mariogrip from UBports is organizing a “Unity8 kickoff meeting” to discuss how the community can further progress work on Unity8.

If you are a developer and feel Unity8 is worthy of a donation of a few hours (or more!) of your time then please get in touch with him.


See also Ubuntu Touch Q&A 23:

Unity 8 Desktop

Unity 8 on the desktop has also been coming together. While it’s both good and pretty, it’s not ‘pretty good’.

Work still needs to be done to get Unity 8 working properly on Nvidia GPUs. However, a Developer ISO will be coming out soon, so if you’re interested in testing Unity 8, then get excited!

If you are a developer and already know a bit about Unity 8 development, help is appreciated, so go ping @mariogrip!