Unity stack SRU for Ubuntu 16.04: Help verify!

Hey all,

As part of our regular maintenance work we’ve been doing in the Unity stack, we’ve just pushed to Ubuntu Xenial proposed repository new versions of packages for compiz, nux, unity, unity-control-center and Ubuntu themes with various fixes.

Now, this update is quite big in terms of fixes it brings (27 bug fixes), and includes some refactories. So, to speed up the release to the majority of the Ubuntu users, please help verify this SRU, enabling proposed repository and checking that the proposed fixes work as expected.

For convenience, here’s a list of the bugs to go through and verify:

Thanks a lot!


Wow! Is it going to be for Xenial only?

@mozit, good question.

The short answer is ‘No’: SRUs are high impact bugs that are already fixed in the current development release of Ubuntu…and are often already in the current interim release. You can check the Launchpad bugs for specifics.

SRUs bugs have clear test cases, to make testing easy.

Reference: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates <-- Lots of good stuff in there.


@ian-weisser The more I learn the more I know how much I don’t know :wink:
Thank you very much!

And thank you ian … that makes 2 of us ! :blush:

Still almost all the bugs need verification, anyone could help with this?


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Unity 7 fans - we still need a lot of these checking. If you have a few mins to spare, please test some and update the bugs accordingly.

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After installing and reboot I can’t access the top panel and the launcher (not visible). Shortkey don’t work neiter the special keys (volume up, volume down ecc . And a login request to google popup. No windows decorations and I can’t drag windows around…i can open the terminal so if you give me some comand I can test it…

Iv’e tested some of the test cases and for the most part it all works well, that which I use.


Thanks Dale. Forgive my laziness in not checking the bug reports, but have you updated the relevant bugs with a verification status (per: StableReleaseUpdates - Ubuntu Wiki)?

If folk have tested a bug and found it fixed, please follow those instructions so that we know it’s done. If you are looking at a bug report and see that the tag verification-done then please try a different one.

Thanks a lot!

Ok… will do. :slight_smile:

Strange, the bugs aren’t coming up on this list (and they should?!)

But presumably you mean, as per the wiki, that we shouldn’t change the tags (the wiki says the SRU Verification team should do that)?

Which is strange because some canned responses say that we should!?

Tested the bugs that I could (so I was unable to test bugs that only applied to HiDPI screens or multi-monitor (please can people with these setups verify the bugs and then update to the relevant Proposed packages and test the fixes?)). I used VirtualBox on Ubuntu 17.10 to test 16.04. To test a bug on Ubuntu MATE (in that list), I (accidentally) installed mate-desktop and then (correctly) ubuntu-mate-desktop. This seemed to break some theming on the standard Unity desktop and also made it impossible for me to reproduce this bug because Ubuntu SDK seemed to be using MATE’s file manager rather than GNOME Files. Maybe this is to be expected, but perhaps in the future it would be nice to have it possible to install Ubuntu flavors without breaking the other flavors. Maybe this is impossible, though.

Many test cases weren’t as precise as they could’ve been so I was unable to follow them through, I’ve left comments asking for specific improvements in the test cases. I also got '‘No such key ‘lowgfx’’ when trying to run gsettings set com.canonical.Unity lowgfx false which prevented me from testing without lowgfx (I was unable to reproduce some bugs and thought this may have been because I was on lowgfx).

Note that if you’re testing the Unity that is in 16.04 Proposed, if you have set the pin priority so that you’re on 16.04 and not 16.04 Proposed, and you just selectively install packages from proposed (which is what the wiki recommends you to do), then to be able to sudo apt install unity/xenial-proposed you will need to do sudo apt install compiz-core/xenial-proposed compiz-plugins/xenial-proposed libcompizconfig0/xenial-proposed compiz-gnome/xenial-proposed compiz/xenial-proposed first (at least, until those packages are released from Proposed into 16.04 proper - it might be better if you just work out what you need to install by trying to install Unity from Proposed and installing other packages from Proposed as Apt prompts you to do so).

In the end, I’ve only tested the fixes for https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/1316862 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1618405. The former is fixed by the new package, I think, the latter is not.

Sorry I couldn’t verify more and wow I’ve really stayed up too late (I’m GMT)…

Thanks for the great attention to detail Marco!

UI scaling broken after lastest Unity update in Xenial
See this

Unity is the only DE which can handle fractional scale with multi monitors, hope this bug will fix soon.