Unity rebranding?

Let’s come up with new name for Unity.

There are two reasons for this:

  • Current name is used by 3D engine.
  • Many think that Unity is already a dead project.

If we can’t rename Unity, I can fork it.

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I’m not sure that would solve more problems than it creates. The new problem then would be people who didn’t think Unity was dead, would now. And then they need to be educated on its new name.

Also the existing instructions we give to people of "try sudo apt install unity-session" would no longer work.

So I think a rename would create more problems than it solves.


If we were gonna rename it we should have done that 10 years ago :).

You are of course at liberty to fork Unity, it’s open source Free software after all. What’s the goal?

I’d love to see development on Unity more vibrant, and Unity be available in more distros, but it’s not the name holding that back, but a lack developers and motivation, in my mind.


Where is development of Unity taking place now? Is it on GitHub?

In my humble opinion, and I wonder why it hasn’t been done so far, instead of a fork of unity, it would be great to combine efforts with unity8.