Unity Maintenance Roadmap

Ubuntu Unity Maintenance Roadmap

  • A recent Poll voted 2/3rds in favor of Ubuntu Unity to become and LTS distribution. We should try to work this cycle assuming that it will be LTS and an official flavor. We will try and release an updated ISO once every week or 10 days using the current 18.04 dailys of default ubuntu bionic beaver as a platform. We will do this using the meta-package at the ppa.

  • If ubuntu-unity receives official flavor status and uses the cdimage/unbuntu/com servers then there may not be a need to have a ppa.

  • The unity7 maintainers team will continue to maintain packages related to the current unity-session in the universe repositories up until the release of the 18.04 cycle.

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Have you asked Cannonical, if they’d give the Team a place in cdimage.ubuntu.com servers? Or does the Team have to wait for final OK?

I had already applied to the Technical Board a couple weeks back https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TechnicalBoard?_ga=2.254393288.1395504858.1510562354-489780228.1413308918

and am awaiting reply.

edit: Here is the archive link: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2017-November/thread.html

It was posted 3 times. There was a problem with Thunderbird. I haven’t seen any further discussion on the topic. So it is wait and see.


A poll? When are where did that happen?

It happened here:

For other Unity-related threads, see:

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Thanks very much for the links :slight_smile:

Thanks for starting this thread. Since we decided that we will stick with Launchpad (bzr or git) for the time being, it is only natural we should have a project group, i.e ubuntu-unity under which all Unity related projects will be listed. For example mozilla is a project group and firefox is a project. Ubuntu mate has similar group like ubuntu-mate. But to register a project-group you need to make a request on launchpad. https://help.launchpad.net/ProjectGroups

@dale-f-beaudoin Can you look into this? I believe we can register a group without Unity being official flavor.

Now for roadmap:

  1. Create a seed branch for ubuntu-unity under ubuntu-meta (in-progress)
  2. Push ubuntu-unity-desktop out of ppa and into universe. May be we can do it through sponsorship or revu.
  3. Once that’s done, we can work on live-cd script which will automatically upload live-cd on cdimage.ubuntu.com (if we gain access) as Martin advised.

Immediate bugs/fixes:

  1. Patch mate-user-share to use nautilus. or fork either gnome-user-share or mate-user-share (in-progress).
  2. Create a merge request to ship org.gnome.Software.desktop under /usr/share/applications/Unity/org.gnome.Software.desktop ( LP: #1731296)
  3. Update headerbar-patches for all default gnome-apps for unity (in-progress)
  4. Evaluate whether we can use mate-software (mate-devs are decoupling it from mate-welcome) instead of gnome-software.
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Here is as you requested: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/661073


Have a look at this too, when you have time, https://community.ubuntu.com/t/why-cdrom-is-mentioned-in-grub-cfg-and-txt-cfg/2213

Since this a roadmap, should this thread be a wiki page also?

What I have done in the U+1 wiki is build a library and insert links to forums at the wiki. Then, anyone who wishes to visit the wiki can view the discussion from that link.

I added a section on what we are doing as there wasn’t one.